Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Event Venue in Birmingham....

"You must use our caterer, our bar and our florist if you want to have your wedding here."

Have you heard this before?? If you are planning a wedding or an event in Birmingham, most likely you have. While this cuts down on the decisions you have to make, it leaves you with little flexibility and room to make your event your own.

A client of mine is getting married in May and she is leaving the planning up to me. Given that her family is in the catering business, she would like for me to find a venue that will give us control over the food and bar.

During my search, I came across a venue that I had no idea existed and I thought I would share it with you.

The Villa at Avondale Park

This space is located behind Avondale Park in the Crestwood Area. Now, this is not the greatest part of town, but the villa sits high up on the hill and has a private drive that makes the area very secluded.


$500 for the entire day and evening

You can use whatever vendors you would like

You will need to hire two Birmingham Police officers if there is alcohol being served

There is a great patio on the back that could be tented if it rained.

Love the arched windows!

For a 200 person wedding reception, this venue would be great! The yard around the villa could be utilized as well if you needed more room.

Finding the person in charge of renting this venue is another story. Call me if you are interested and I will help you track her down!

Happy Planning!