Monday, January 31, 2011

Inspiration Photo...

I got a call a week ago from a client who needed help with an upcoming event. She wanted a fun theme and needed Gather's help. I am usually pretty good with coming up with ideas on the spot, but this was not the case last week. I was slammed all week getting ready for a FABULOUS surprise wedding (stay tuned..waiting on photos to come in. You will not want to miss this), so I had very little time to sit down and really put some thought into the request. Finally, late Friday night, I sat down in my office with my door closed and began thinking about this event....

minute by minute passed and there wasn't an idea anywhere close to my brain! I felt like I had writer's block, only this was slightly less stressful (I can not write to save my life. If I ever had to write anything other than this blog, I think I would die). For a little inspiration, I hit up the blog world for some fun ideas. First stop, Hostess With The Mostess. With one click, I knew what I wanted to do and was even able to pull two other ideas out of my hat.

When you are in need of an inspiration...check out the other blogs around and see what people are doing. You don't have to copy their ideas, just let it feed your imagination!

Try and figure out where this photo took me.....

I will let you know what I came up with when the party is over! Don't want to spoil the surprise for the guests.

Happy Planning!

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