Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Barrie Wilson, a legal recruiter here in town, called me today needing some last minute help with a party she was having tonight. It was "girl's night out" for her female law students and she was in need of favor ideas. Since the night consisted of nail treatments, girly cocktails and dinner at AVO...I immediately picked up the phone and called my wine rep to see what he could do. We ended up with mini bottles of champagne and bubble bath......what more could a girl want!

While I could write about my love for champagne all day long...I wanted to tell you about AVO!

I had not been to AVO before tonight (However, I am a regular at Dram) and let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised! I LOVED the colors and the open feel to the restaurant. My imagination got the best of me and I envisioned a sophisticated rehearsal dinner with a modern and crisp decor.

Every person that worked there was over the top friendly and helpful. Every time I turned around someone was asking me if they could help or introducing themselves to me!

***NOTE: If the staff is good...you can almost bet your event will go off exactly as you wish...if not, you know they will do what it takes to get it right.

How cozy is this gathering spot!!! Someone please plan an intimate dinner. I would kill for that table!

These are the stairs leading up to AVO. How cool would it be to do a small arrangement on every handrail bracket. The opposite side of the stairs (sorry..should have thought to capture it on film) is a bare wall, so I would probably just do the arrangements up that side and leave the wall with the"art deco avocados????" alone.

There is a landing at the bottom of these stairs and I would probably do some sort of Calla Lily arrangement there. I like the idea below...obviously you wouldn't need to use a big pole, but it could be cool to have three bamboo shoots at different heights with calla's strapped to them.

(Wedding featured on Style Me Pretty)

One other thought....I think it would be fun for all of your guest to have a cocktail on Dram's patio before heading upstairs to the dinner. There is a balcony at AVO, but it might not hold all of your guest. If you aren't up for a pre-party cocktail, what about having a party afterwards. You could always assign the "after rehearsal dinner party" to a group of your parents friends. Have them rent a one man band and host an open bar for you and your friends who did not attend the rehearsal dinner....(actually, tell hostess to call me and I will make the suggestion....THE BRIDE SHOULD NEVER TELL HOSTESS WHAT SHE WANTS THEM TO DO!)

The only challenge I thought of was parking....Don't you worry about that, I will figure out the logistic.
Happy Planning!

PS: My sweet spell check is driving home from Mobile. I was too excited about AVO to wait to post!

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