Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fabulous Photography!

Oh My Word!!! I am more obsessed with A Bryan Photo than I was 24 hours ago and this my friends is hard to imagine! Not sure if it is because they have the coolest studio I have ever seen or the amazing coffee table books (aka albums) they put together for their brides. Bottom line they have style and talent!

This is Bryan Johnson...owner of A Bryan Photo.

I had the privilege of sitting down over coffee and bagels with my dream team of photographers to discuss the Birmingham wedding world. One of the many things I love about this group is their desire to see and experience weddings that are outside the norm. If you are following my blog and have clicked on A Bryan's link before, you have probably noticed that they capture the amazing details of each wedding! Obviously A Bryan doesn't plan the wedding but they have been lucky enough to work with some of the most talented planners, designers and brides who want their wedding to be different than the one before!

Regardless of the photographer you hire, find someone who is creative and you trust will capture the day to your tasting. Remember...this person is a professional! Let them be will like your pictures so much more!

Love this girl's short white dress! She wore this for the first part of her day and then changed into her dress. This changed up her photos and kept her portrait pictures from being the same.
How cute is this! As I bride, I would have never thought to tell the photographer to capture this photo. This is an example of letting your photographer be creative.
Great photo...but even better idea! The two things I love most rye grass and trees!
A Bryan does a Polaroid album for all of their bride and grooms during the reception. This is a fun thing to have on your honeymoon to relive the day all week!

Be sure to have your photographer take pictures of the decor. You will want to remember how everything looked. As the bride, you will not get a good look at your reception decor due to all the people.

A Bryan's work is completely worth the small fortune you will pay to hire this group of artists to capture the most important day of your life....there is an alternative. Bryan Johnson has started another photography company called 509 Photo. You can have the same great talent for a fraction of the price. Check out Chase's portfolio on

With all this being said, I want to challenge you to think outside the box. You do not need A Bryan to make this happen, but you can use their experiences for inspiration!

Happy Planning!


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