Monday, July 27, 2009

Razzle Dazzle

You cannot help your sense of style. I have found that everything I pick out for a party looks a lot like something I would use in my house. I like straight clean lines, simple artwork and pastel colors for the most part. I like things to be detailed yet simple and soothing.

One way to express your theme and sense of style is through your paper products (it sounds like I am talking about toilet paper....maybe there is a better word). Use the invitation to give your guest a sneak peak of what they can expect!

I recently found out that a pledge sister of mine, Mary V. Baugh, has her own invitation company called Razzle Dazzle. She is so talented and very creative. I instantly fell in love with her work as soon as I saw it!

I dream of having an all white office with that pink chair at my desk. I have a long way to go considering my desk is currently located in the playroom underneath the entire American Girl Collection!

I came a cross a duvet cover about a year ago that was purple with black chandeliers and I was obsessed with it. Unfortunately, it was too old for a prissy 3 year old and too girly for Tom's sports loving 5 year old. This invitation brought back my infatuation for this duvet. Maddie will totally have it the minute she graduates from the pink princess room!

Need I say anything more??? If you haven't been to Rachel Halvorson's blog, Nest Egg, go right after you finish reading my blog. Maybe I should throw her a party and use it. This invitation looks just like her.

Remember my post about feet? One of the brides had on yellow and grey shoes. This color scheme was echoed throughout her in entire wedding. This would have been a beautiful Save the Date or even wedding invitation (if you are having the small, non-traditional, Kirk/Butler type).

I HATED these things as a kid, but I HATED them more last September when I looked all over town for them! I literally went everywhere and I am embarrassed to say...I flat out failed! This might be my favorite find and in perfect timing for this year's party!!

Happy Planning!

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