Monday, July 6, 2009

Happily Ever After....

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! I sure did! For some reason I spent a lot of time thinking about creative things guest can throw as the bride and groom leave their reception. I guess this thought came from being around sparklers all weekend, who knows.

(Photo captured by A Bryan Photo)

If you are the traditional bride you might want to stick to a food item...rice or birdseed. This tradition dates back to ancient Rome or maybe even further. The food or grain represents plentiful crops....AKA lots of children!

If you are the non traditional bride or the bride who doesn't necessarily wants LOTS of children, there are so many different things guests can throw or hold! Why do the same old thing.. rose petals or bubbles. I have to confess, I would choose something that makes the best pictures.

I love these colored puff balls. Way to go Laura and Josh Hausen! (Josh is a professional photographer with A Bryan Photo...of course he had something that made a good photo!)

I think it would be really cool to have your guest hold solid color balloons. The strings would need to be no more than a foot long so they make the photo. You won't have anything in your hair, but your pictures would be cool! I would really like for your guest to let the balloons go as you walked by, but I do not think my environmental friends would appreciate that!

I also like the idea of waving flags. You could wave stylish solid color flags that match the colors of your wedding. However, if you get married the weekend before the 4th....You should definitely wave American Flags!

This particular picture of flag was from a wedding Jo Gartin did. She had the guests wave the flags as the couple kissed. Pretty cute idea!

(Brides: Before you get your heart set on something, be sure to check with your venue. They might have rules for what they allow and what they do not allow).

Happy Planning!

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