Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dinner for two!

So a gathering does not have to be a lot of can actually just be you and one other person.

Tom and I went over to a friends house on Saturday night to have a drink before dinner. Instead of going out to eat we decided to throw together "a gathering" of our own...a backyard date. We ran through the store grabbed a bottle of wine, some fish and a few other key ingredients and headed home. If you haven't planned a backyard date with your husband or wife this summer, do it!

Now, Now....don't cook dinner like you do every other night of the week, I mean pull out all the bells and whistles as if you are having a group of people over for dinner. Turn on the music, light the candles, set the table, pour the wine and cook together. If you haven't tried kitchen dancing, I highly recommend it! It is my favorite thing to do! I promise you will have fun!

Not bad for a last minute meal!! It was awesome!

Lay Kitchen Cooking string out into rows
Lay Bay leaves out on top of the string over lapping each other
Lay sliced lemons out on top of the bay leaves
Place your salmon on top of the lemons
Repeat steps again...lemons and then bay leaves
Tie the string tightly together to hold everything in place
Put the fish in a fish rack thing for the grill
I have no idea how long you should cook it...I didn't pay a bit of attention to the grill. I am sure your husband will know. If not, call me and I will ask Tom.

Grab the tablecloth out of the closet, snips some flowers from the yard, grab the candles from your dining room.....and you got yourself "a gathering."
(PS: I am warning you...It is HOT outside. You will need some ice water!)

Happy Planning!


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