Friday, June 19, 2009

City Stages!

As an event planner, I will plan just about anything that comes my way. However, I do like some events more than others. This weekend I coordinated City Stages festivities at The Redmont Hotel. This my friends is my LEAST favorite event to plan.

The Redmont Hotel is the hotel I am currently renovating. We have built a cool roof top bar that thankfully has been the happening spot during these hot summer nights. Given that the hotel is located in the heart of City Stages, we had events and specials for three days straight.

Besides the drink specials menu, the only creativity I had this weekend was how to handle guests who had too much to drink. As the planner I was responsible for the logistics of the weekend , ticket sales and marketing....a far cry from flowers and dessert bars, but the logistics of any event is truly more important. Your party has to flow!!

For those of you planning a big wedding, consider hiring a "day of " coordinator to handle the logistics. You want to be able to relax and truly enjoy every detail of your special day. The coordinator will meet with you prior to the wedding to get a sense of your vision and meet with your vendors to ensure that the wedding goes off without a hitch.

Top Ten Reason's you need a logistics/event coordinator for the day of your wedding:

1) Orchestrates your rehearsal and ceremony (organize bridal party, musicians & officiant)
2) Handles the set up and delivery management (rentals, linens, flowers, cakes)
3) Coordinates the vendors and hold them accountable for delivering what you expect
4) Coordinates the ceremony and reception (keeping your event on the cake, first dance, etc...)
5) Handling the needs of your guests
6) Serving as the one person who actually does know everything
7) Serving as your personal assistant (when else are you going to be able to have a personal assistant and not look like a complete brat!)
8) Putting out any fires (hopefully not a real fire) before you even know about it

9) Packing up all personal items at the end of the night (gifts, flowers, etc...)
10) Is holder of the 911 emergency kit (band aids, Advil, dress tape, safety pens, needle and thread).

Happy Planning!


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