Sunday, June 7, 2009

Great Heights!

I attended the Ball of Roses last night. It is one of my favorite “flower” events of the year. The flowers were amazing as usual, thanks to Carole Sullivan. While the event takes up the entire Birmingham Country Club, the focus of the event is in the East Room. For those of you who have been there before, you know how massive this room is. If you ask a BCC bride what her biggest challenge is with using this room, she always says, “how will I afford to decorate a room this big??”

When you are dealing with a ballroom filled with hundreds of people, the focus becomes the ceiling! In order to have the jaw dropping event you have always dreamed of, you will need something above the heads of your guest.

Trying to cover a ceiling with flowers will get very expensive! Unless your wedding is going to be featured on
In Style Weddings, you might want to think of another alternative.

I loved the way these butterflies hung from the ceiling. While they were decorated with what seemed to be tissue paper (not really sure....) I think it would be really cool to decorate it with silk flowers such as orchids. I know, I know...I can't believe I said it either. I am known as a flower snob, but I will admit, if the height is right, no one will be able to tell. Do not waste your budget !

(Butterflies up close and personal... yes, I was the girl taking pictures with her iphone!)

I love these Chinese lanterns!! Is this not the coolest look! I am always going for a modern, yet classy look. The more lanterns the better!!

(In Style Weddings)

Last idea for the night... I will need you to close your eyes and use your imagination (couldn't find a visual photo for you). What do you think about hanging grapevine balls from the ceiling at different heights? You can weave tulips through the vines to add color. You would only need 10 tulips per grapevine ball. I have strung Christmas lights around grapevine balls before and it looked really cool...getting electricity to them was a different story!

Second confession of a party planner....It took me 5 hours and two trips to the HELP DESK to figure out how to post this blog. Like all things...practice makes perfect!

Happy Planning!


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