Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sweet Tooth!

I have chocolate on my mind. Could it be because I have decided not to eat dessert after ever meal and I am having a sugar with drawl as we speak; could it be because I really wanted to have a candy display at Jennifer's party last night and didn't or is because every website and wedding magazine I have looked at tonight has something to do with a candy display....whatever the reason, below are a few of my favorite displays!!

I have a new obsession...Amy Atlas Events. She is the dessert bar Queen!! Check out her website....If only I could be this cool!

I LOVE all white!!!!! Finding a white room with the white curtains might be my challenge. Anyone have an all white room in their house? If so, can we have a party??

Please do this at your upcoming baby shower! This would be so much fun and your guest would love it!!!

Alright, so I have convinced you to do a candy display at your next event, now you need to think about what to put the candy in. Try and come up with a super creative way for your guest to take the goodies home. I love these little jars. How cute are they!

Go the extra mile and have your initials or married name on the outside of the jar. If you have a really great wedding planner, have a logo that is used on the jars and throughout your entire wedding.

Don't like the popcorn idea, but love the paper cones. Pick any cool paper,roll it (or have your planner do the work) and you are done!

PS: Tom isn't into my blog tonight...Poor guy had a weekend filled of party planning and ideas. I think he had enough! If you catch a mistake, it isn't him, its me...oops!

Happy Planning!


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