Sunday, June 28, 2009

Goodies For Your Guest!

The thing I love most about weddings are the details. One way you can really show your creativity is in the gift bags you leave for your out of town guest in their hotel rooms. Since I work at a hotel, I see wedding gift bags just about every Friday. I have seen some really cute ones and I have seen some not so cute ones. For the most part, this will be your guest's first insight on your wedding. Get them excited!!

Your goal should be to welcome your guest and give them a few little goodies to make their stay a more enjoyable.

Below is a check for things you should include in your gift bags:

1) Something to drink (bottled water, mini bottle of champagne, juices)

2) Something to nibble on (granola bars, chips, trail mix, cookies, fruit)

3) Something to help get though the morning after (Advil)

4) Something to incorporate your theme

5) Instructions, directions and details for the weekend

6) A "Thank you for traveling" note from the bride and groom

These pictures came from the new wedding book Tom got me this weekend....Jo Gartin's Weddings. J.Gartin's is an amazing planner who is all about unique details (I want to be her...shhh)! She accomplished our list above and did it in such stylish way!

You can definitely go all out with these bags by creating your own label (, and customizing the items you put in the bags.

This box is so simple and can be bought at any paper source store. I love the labels!

Both of these boxes have desserts. What if you had the hotel put these boxes in the hotel rooms while your guest are at the reception or the rehearsal dinner. I love this!

These gift bags can be use for any out of town event you are planning. I once planned a trip to Seaside, Florida for a group of 60 people. For the girls, I bought Seaside totes from the gift shop and filled it with bottled water, tanning oil, a beach towel, magazines and snacks. For the guys, I filled coolers with beer, bottled water, snacks, poker chips and cards......spoiled, I know...but fun!!

Happy Planning!

**There will not be any editing tonight...Tom is traveling for work.

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