Monday, July 13, 2009

Champagne and Cupcakes

The garden party was a successful gathering and I could not have asked for a more beautiful back yard! While the evening started with me slipping down a flight of concrete steps, it ended with everyone having a great time. For those of you with a weak stomach, I decided not to post pictures of my arms and elbows (just think if your arms were filled with blue powerade!) For those of you who do not know me very well...falling comes with the party. No worries, I have my own insurance!

This lighting project could not have been done without Ricki, the yard man! We dug a hole, put up the post and strung the lights on Saturday morning. (I wish I had Ricki all the time, but I am afraid I would have to learn more than just Hola in Spanish).

I served a champagne punch (white rum, champagne, pomegranate juice and mint) as the signature drink out of tall frosted cylinders...... my Grey Goose vodka idea was too sweet!

For decoration, I hung blue ribbons from the table umbrella and glued hydrangea buds to the ribbon. I copied this idea from Carole Sullivan's Ball of Roses masterpiece.

I moved a table out of the Rhone's kitchen and used it as the bar as guests walked in. I love bringing inside furniture outside!

Since guests were to enter the party through the garden and not the front door of the house, I wanted to put an arrangement to lead everyone in the right direction. I paired up an artichoke and hydrangeas for each arrangement and put lights under each vase to give an illuminating effect.

**If you are having a house party and do not have time to get it all together, let GATHER do the work . I am offering a house party package that will allow you to rest, get your nails done and buy a new party dress instead of running around buying ice, picking up flowers and panicking about getting everything done! However, please give me advanced notice if you have concrete steps..I can always plan my wardrobe around a good pair of Nike Shocks!

Happy Planning!

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